Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Swedish Hotel Room

Friday night, October 2, 2009. Malmo, Sweden

We're watching TV in bed. Sweden's version of "America's Got Talent," is called "Talent 09" and hosted by a floppy haired blond guy in a bow tie and brown-checked suit. Mia radiates heat next to me as she sleeps.

I was lying in this same place this morning when Randy said, "Go time," as soon as he woke and flipped on the news to watch Obama's arrival in Copenhagen via Air Force One for the final pitch of the 2016 Summer Olympic host city contenders. We hung out all morning and tried to keep an eye on the TV while helping the girls bathe and dress.

It was a thrill to watch Randy and co.'s film after Michelle Obama spoke...

(Can you tell how tired we all are? Can you read the fatigue in the writing? Both girls took deep naps today and Mia never really got out of bed after hers except once to stumble confused toward the closet instead of the bathroom she needed.)

More later, although you know where this is going.

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