Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trouble Song (With Apologies To The Roches)

We're going away to Denmark soon.
We're going away to Denmark, Denmark.
Denmark soon.
Denmark soon.

I'll try not to get in the way of the Games
Like I want to do.
Try not to get in the way of the Games

We're flying across the ocean soon
Flying across the ocean, ocean
Ocean soon.
Ocean soon.

I wonder how children like jetlag
And parents with the same.
Please don't whine when I have jetlag
And I promise the same.

We're leaving behind our 'puters soon
Leaving behind our Tivo, Mad Men.
Runway soon,
Dancing Stars.

I hope they have vegetarian entrees in Copenhagen
And noodles for the kids.
If they don't have buttered noodles in Copenhagen
We'll probably die.

We're going away to Denmark.
Denmark, Jetlag, 'Lympics, Noodles, Tivo, Mad Men...

Dancing With The Stars!

1 comment:

2KoP said...

Nice revision, but you forgot the strawberry-apricot pie. Can't forget the pie.