Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Treasure Hunt

I start at the front door, armed with Mia's map. The dotted path leads to picture of a horse - I know what that is. Big ol' robot Butterscotch, who whinnies companionably as we enter the playroom. Sitting on her plaid saddle blanket is a tiny rubber ducky - my first clue!

"The bathroom!" I call and the girls cheer. Up the stairs we go. "Don't look in there!" the girls instruct, an echo of the "Don't look under my bed!" instructions they've been doling out all week. On the bathroom counter is a plastic loaf of bread. "The kitchen!"

We tromp back down to find the cutest clue of all, a foam letter "Z." Do you get it? Where do you make zzz? To the bedroom! Where I find sweet cards, a Nora decorated picture frame, a Mia handprint with poem - suitable for hanging, a locket for tiny pics of my munchkins and L'Occitane lotion and bubble bath. Lovely. Hugs all around.

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Jojo said...

Oh fun! I knew about the locket, but not about the Treasure Hunt. I love that idea!