Friday, August 8, 2008

Today on Chicago Moms Blog

Here's a new post on Chicago Moms Blog about a fun day I had with the girls on Monday when it rained too much to go to daycamp.

And you must read Elizabeth York's post "How To Save Your Marriage." Or if that title is too scary, just pretend you are reading "How to Keep On Keeping On in Your Charmed and Blessed Happy Marriage." The timing for this one was especially good, as I wake up this morning chanting my to-do list before I must catch a train at 1:00 and leave the girls with the sitter for eight hours until Randy gets home. Mia won't let me pull her hair back from her face, I've got sunscreen lotion all over my hands because the broken nozzle squirted out a quarter cup, my period is imminent and I don't think we made enough thank you cards for all the camp counselors. And I need to iron. How do you think I spoke to dear husband when I needed some help?

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