Thursday, May 1, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

My friend Julia, who writes mystery novels and is so funny she could star in her own sit-com, has tagged me to play Six Random Things About Me.

ONE: My dream house is the 1970's split level that Dirk Digler bought in "Boogie Nights." Or this.

TWO: I've always imagined someday I'd be a torch singer in a tight dress in front of a velvet curtain crooning "Something Cool."

THREE: My husband and I watched Gnarls Barkley tear through a ferocious "Run" on SNL last week and we had such a moment of communal "wow" that it felt like a honeymoon. Happy May Day, my dear comrade!

FOUR: The cosmetic counter saleslady said "Your bangs are perfect," and I'm embarrassed to admit how much this meant to me.

FIVE: Brace yourself, this one is really gross. I've been a vegetarian since 1985, technically an ovo-lacto-pescatarian, but lately I've been moving toward going vegan. However, the one meat (I hesitate to even call it that) I do occasionally nibble is, get this, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Yes, I know. I saw Supersize Me, I read Fast Food Nation, I know the original bird corpses are processed beyond all recognition, then pumped full of artificial flavors to make them resemble "chicken" again, then fried in carcinogenic trans fats. I know. But I'll still eat one on that desperate snowy day when I have no good ideas for lunch and the girls are pleading for Happy Meal toys and the indoor playplace.

SIX: The phrase "pair of pants" can break me down into uncontrollable spasms of giggles. There's a long complicated back story involving the Oklahoma City bombings -- not funny in any way, I know, but my little corner of the tragedy that became ridiculous over time was the TV interview of a man with an awful overbite who said of Timothy McVeigh, "I met him at a flea market. I shold him a pair of pants." After this, anytime I heard someone use the word "pants," I started howling to Randy, "I SHOOOOOOLD HIM a PARAPANTS!" and it's gone down in our marriage lore. Even the girls, who don't know the whole story agree that "underpants" is one of the silliest words ever invented.

I am returning the favor to some on-line friends, old and new:


Sophia Leto at Moodymommy




Susan Bearman at Two Kinds of People

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Julia Buckley said...

I want to live in your dream house with you. Mine smells like cat poo right now because we're fighting over who will change the litter box. Gross.

Does the environmentally clean place have a guest room?

2KoP said...

Your "pair of pants" story reminds me of a "ponderism" recently sent to me by my great aunt Dorothy: "Why is 'bra' singular and 'panties' plural?"

2KoP said...

OK, I responded to the "Six Random Things" challenge. Check it out on Two Kinds of People