Saturday, January 6, 2007

Letter to Auntie Rena


Oh Happy Day! How great to hear from you! Your timing is perfect. Eleanor's birthday is tomorrow and we are busy busy making kitty cat cupcakes and doggie donuts (Nora tries to say "dog food" when we ask her what she is getting tomorrow for her birthday. Unfortunately, it comes out sounding a lot like "dog poo.") and signs for the front door - (Mia decided the wording so our guests will be greeted with "NORAS BDAY SHES 2")

Wish you were here to see it all, but I don't wish you away from paradise.

Mia's spring break starts on Friday, March 9 and we need to be back by Sunday, March 18. We haven't booked flights yet. I don't see us using all that time but that's our window. Thank you again for making us feel so welcome - we can't wait.

I had an old address for the Central message center Centro in Todos, so I sent you a Christmas card. I just guessed on the postage - it will be good luck and A Christmas Miracle! if it gets to you.

I love the sound of your neighbors. From far away, it sounds awesome, perhaps it is a different experience right next door.

The girls and I were eating a mango the other day and I told them some people, like Aunt Rena and Uncle Brent, can just go out in the backyard and pick mangoes to eat, like we pick up pinecones. They were impressed, I think. Who knows? Last night I was reading an article (from Best Nonrequired Reading, 2006) and it said children have the hyper awareness of falling in love every single day. So learning about mangoes is akin to taking a step is akin to getting your mind blown by every bit of this amazing world.

xxoo cindy

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