Monday, January 20, 2020

More Things I Love

Randy Mia Nora Ruthie Caroline Maggie Chloe Brad Ian Ron Nancy Grandma Seraponas Work Family Working with Teenagers Being Their Mom Lattes hot English Breakfast tea with milk the way the milk and cream fall into the cup then cloud up a second later the look in the tutee's eyes when I'm helping them think I think I'm not sure what put that thought in their head but I do like saying "this is an advanced skill" and adding "but I think you can handle it." How fast the day goes when we're working how much extra time I have when we're not.

I Saw a Mem'ry When We Wed

I saw a Mem'ry -- when we wed --
The Trembling in the Room
Was like the Trembling in your Hands --
Before that Time -- we knew --

Our Friends all gathered -- smiled with Joy
But Thirst was growing dry
Impatience with Bob's Poetry
Enduring Young Charms - Oh My --

I was Sure -- the Contract Signed
With you I'd bought -- these Walls
We did not opt for rental Chairs --
There interposed a Flash --

A Face -- a Name -- a Memory --
I could not see to see --
And then I firmed my lips and then
I said I would to Thee.

Ten(ish) Things That Make Me Happy (Thanksgiving 2019 edition)

Reading stories of the girls when they were younger and yesterday

Watching Nora's unconscious smile when she dances

Following her orders to sit still and not dance when she dances


Playing "Who's the Faker" with RandyMiaNora

Laughing at their blatant and desperate lies

Eating turkey sandwiches on white with mayo and homemade cranberry sauce with pear and ginger

Braying out loud at Billy on the Street

Popcorn and a cold diet Coke at a good movie

Coming outside into the cold after an overheated workout, not even realizing I was so hot until the chill hits my face

Theater: Jane Austen fan fiction in The Wickams: Christmas at Pemberley; Hip hop Q Brothers Christmas Carol with Heather at the Chicago Shake; Mean Girls for New Year's.

The Botanic Garden lit at night

Anticipating a facial at some point

Imagining a return to yoga at some point

Writing at the library while Nora scans her journalist boss's diaries



Cookie Baking

Christmas Eve with friends

Scars Part 2

I promise myself
I will spend part of every day with my legs up on the wall. And if I break the promise, i will think about it.

Why do we write & teach & celebrate & enjoy resolution of conflict when it never does?

Why do we enjoy happy endings when we will all die?

Why do we need aspirational stories? Because we cannot handle the truth. Because we are all children.


The jagged cut, now pink and shiny, on the back of my calf

The long slice, curved like the moon, over my hip

The indentation on my upper left thigh from a fall on the concrete front step

The round white place under my eyebrow where I over-troubled a zit

The slice a dull knife took from my index finger

(Nora's fine lines on the soft underside of her arm, discovered on the Fourth of July)

The chipped teeth

The bleeding cuticles

The heart cracked open over and over and over again, reset, reassembled, bandaged, Frankensteinally reanimated

The grooves worn into my brain, and the new glowing neural pathways I am forging

Todos Spring Break: Because Planning is Half the Fun

Sunday morning
Baja Beans farmer's market, live music, chocolate cake, games

Sunday afternoon
Pescadero Surf Break

Las Palmas Beach
Hike to Lobos/Meet driving people there
Evening/dinner at El Faro beach club
El Mirador Hilltop restaurant

Walk/drive to Point Break north of town

Drive to Balandro Beach in La Paz

Mike and Natalie arrive! Move to the big house and celebrate!

Mike and Christina arrive! Celebrate!

Say goodbye, pray the flight is not delayed